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Global Command of Global Teams from All Walks of Life | The Major Disaster Solutionist American Master
Michael Schmitz Works for a Healthier Environment

Michael Jay Schmitz serves the world as Global Command of Global Teams from all walks of life. He is also recognized as The Major Disaster Solutionist American Master for his abilities. He has figured out a solution for each of nature's disasters, such as the hurricane solution he gave to Governor Christi on the Eve of Hurricane Earl. Using Mr. Schmitz's solutions, the governor was able to buy what was needed and push the hurricane back out to sea on the next morning. A few minutes later, he destroyed the hurricane and left it as a tropic storm heading North.

In addition to being an expert on natural disasters, Mr. Schmitz also came up with a solution to feed another nation three times better per farm, per year. The nation experimented with the solution and discovered that it worked as well as Mr. Schmitz said it would work, and in turn chose to implement the solution. Once it was implemented, it turned off Global Warming, which was confirmed by other nations on November 28, 2012.

Once Global Warming was ended, it triggered Halley's Comet into returning to its original mission of protecting Earth, as well as colliding with a so-called Asteroid. NASA's Hubble Telescope has been tracking the so-called Asteroid since 2008, on a path heading directly to Earth. They sent pictures of the aftermath through www.stumbleupon.com, which showed 10 large chunks drifting in different directions away from the Earth. Mr. Schmitz dubbed this collision "THE BIG BANG." He asked the Hubble Telescope to keep watch on the chunks because he knew it was likely not an Asteroid, but a very large Space Ship tied in with the Aliens on Earth that implemented their Alien Organism that created Global Warming in 1977.

Mr. Schmitz first began conceptualizing solutions for natural disasters many years ago, and he has been giving each to those in need worldwide since 1998. He understands that the Earth’s environment was and is in good shape. His involvement has ensured the protection of many essential organisms, including owls and woodland growth, to name a few examples.

In 2008, Mr. Schmitz ran an experiment that he believes anyone could replicate to see the effects with their own eyes. He states that all non-solids that rise up into the upper atmosphere, such as green house gases, exhaust, Co2 and smoke, etc., are separated by nature’s freezing chemicals into nothingness. So, the sun’s rays can warm Earth while Earth rotates and grow plants for food and oxygen, allowing all species to survive. After Mr. Schmitz provided this solution to 350 million websites, it triggered people from all walks of life to contact him and ask him how they can find the solution to global warming. He told them they’d have to do what was needed at their own expense. He states that he didn’t do this for proof to others, but instead to put all seasons back in the right place.

Since his teams were fired upon, Mr. Schmitz put them to extracting sand from under the oceans. He worked on a solution that later led to him being proclaimed a Strategic Genius. At that time, he finally put it all together and found he was the only person on Earth who knows what to do to stop Earth from turning into three thirds of water. As is, the Earth is more than two thirds of water, with a lot of land masses underwater.

His final solutions to stop all land masses from going underwater are outlined below. If either is implemented, all land that was taken before will return to being dry again.

  1. Extract sand under all rivers that tie in with oceans on Earth to make them 80 feet deeper than they are now. Screen the sand for the possibility of putting the sand on beaches or other areas, and continue to channel 25 miles out into the oceans.
  2. Put a 1/4 mile wide channel that is 35 to 50 feet deep from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, whether it be San Diego, California or New York.
Mr. Schmitz is credited with one invention, Patent 6913248, a vehicle lifting and wheel removal combination system. Years ago, researchers hypothesized that if the invention is built, it would be worth $5 trillion. Although the invention is not yet on the market, it is a one-of-a-kind invention.

Michael Schmitz
Global Command of Global Teams from All Walks of Life
The Major Disaster Solutionist American Master
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